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Your Questions Answered

What is onsite training?

Onsite training is training delivered to a private group at their location

What are your fees?

Training is priced per person in USD. Tax is not included. Fees do not include facilities or catering service.

How big can my group be?

We limit most groups to 12 participants. Bigger groups are possible if the space allows it.

What are the training times?

We are flexible and will work with your scheduling requirements to determine the exact timing for your program.

Can you train different groups on one day?

Yes we can and we will schedule accordingly.

What do you provide and what are our responsibilities?

We can either bring the pdf print outs or send you a short pdf to duplicate for your group either by mail or post.

We prefer a space big enough to allow people theirs exercise on a towel or yoga mat, but also to be seated for the one hour theory part. Yoga mats can be provided by us.

Once you've delivered the training to our organization, do we have the right to continue using your content to deliver our own training session?

No. The fees shown on the pricing chart are for course delivery. They do not cover content ownership. Without prior permission, it is not ok to hire our for the purpose of copying our work.