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Why Relaxercise?

Take Control of Your Life

I believe that this fast paced society causes majority of the people to be most of time too much ‘in their heads’. Demanding jobs, worries and the influence of media distracts heavily from connecting with our inner-world and causes our bodies to ache. Stress, a normal part of life, can sometimes become too much and the body reacts with physical, mental, and emotional responses. At this point body and mind can become unbalanced. We need to go back to FEEL, out of our head, into our body.

I believe that the best way to do this is to take deep breaths, be still or move your body slow, go into that safe zone where you can trust yourself and your intuition. Let your body rest, heal, stretch, strengthen and all with awareness and honoring your boundaries.

Relaxercise is a fusion of mind/body techniques (yoga, pilates, PRM, imaginary travel, breathing, stretching) that can help you achieve balance between the 2, feeling re-energized, calm, peaceful, re-covered.

You are in control fo your body and mind and you are able to reduce or eliminate build up stress and maintain a healthy vital lifestyle, for you and your family. When you feel truly good, you radiate and will pass in on to your family members, co-workers and friends. You will be happy with yourself and people are happy to have you around.

It’s true; A better world starts with you.

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A relaxed mind is a productive mind


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My Story

I started my career in 2003 as a professional dancer in theater and TV productions, dinner shows, cruises and other types of events. I have since become certified as a professional teacher in Jazz dance, Aerobic, Zumba and Salsa, and more recently expanded my skills to include Wellness Coaching, Reiki, Pranic Healing and RELAXERCISE.

As an international teacher my goal is to help people better connect with themselves and others through movement and relaxation, motivating them to make healthy life choices and changes, and giving them tools to prevent, reduce and eliminate stress. 

I'm originally from the Netherlands and nowadays reside in Carlsbad, California.

~ Cindy de Groot ~


Cindy De Groot was a delight to work with. She is playful and professional: Inspiring participants to move beyond their comfort zone, therefore, imparting her love and passion of movement with grace, elegance and more importantly laughter!

Danielle Finkenauer ~ Owner Sassy Salsa Dance Company AUS

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