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My Story

Originating from the Netherlands, I started my professional dance career in 2003 with jobs in various theater and TV productions, dinner shows, cruises and other types of events. Being on stage, performing is one of my biggest passions. To move your energy around and being able to touch people with it, is a magical feeling. I decided to start instructing dance and got certified in Jazz dance, Aerobic and Zumba. My passion for the latin culture, music and dance led me to instruct Salsa LA Style, Bachata and Lady styling.

After having travelled around the world, i fuse my experiences and create my own flavorful style. Being focused mostly on the outside world, I discovered through intens life experiences that we need to take time to be silent and heal in order to feel balanced. I started to practise Yoga and meditation, which for me is the perfect way to feel complete. I got certified in healing techniques Reiki and Pranic Healing, followed by becoming a Relaxercise Instructor. With this, I aim to guide others on the path towards a stress-free life and bring balance in body & mind.

My goal is to guide people in creating connections with others and bring out their own uniqueness without shame, make them feel comfortable in expressing themselves and being in tune with their body and emotions. It fulfils me to see people develop a bigger awareness of their body and inner-world, and that through dance, they are now able to express this.

~ Cindy de Groot ~

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Cindy De Groot was a delight to work with. She is playful and professional: Inspiring participants to move beyond their comfort zone, therefore, imparting her love and passion of movement with grace, elegance and more importantly laughter!

Danielle Finkenauer ~ Owner Sassy Salsa Dance Company AUS


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