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Relaxercise Online Course

In your own time and space

Stress is a constant in all our lives. The pressure to meet our work deadlines, deliver a speech, at home, at work, online, at University, and even with friends or family. Stress can be found everywhere, and often hits us at times when we least expect it!

Stress plays a massive role in twenty-first century life, and is one of the primary reasons why people take long periods of time off work. But while we cannot avoid life's pressures, we can influence the extent of which these pressures affect us and also how we react to them. This course will show you how.

Who can benefit from this course?


Those who are committed to building a business or ministry without sacrificing their emotional wellbeing in the process..


 Men and women who want to succeed professionally by strengthening their mindset and maximising their effectiveness.


 Including graduates and young professionals who want to develop strong inner resilience prior to making a mark in the world.


 Parents or guardians of young people who are affected by the common pressures of everyday life.


 This course can be used as a tool for enhancing the work of helping professionals, such as therapists, counsellors, psychologists, teachers, and social group leaders.


 Men, women or young people who need a fresh injection of perspective and insight for managing the stressors of 21st century life.​​

Looking Out to the Lake

You will learn

What stress is

The stress response

Stress warning signs, symptoms, signals

Influences of stress tolerance level

Causes of stress

Effects of chronic stress

Personal stress test

Breathing techniques

Learn how to manage stress

Muscle tension

Time management

The bodywork part of the course is supported with video and audio. You will learn:

Guided breathing techniques - Progressive relaxation - Yoga - Stretching - Tai Chi - Pilates and Guided Imagery Relaxation

“Dealing with stress is a skill like any other”